“Amperion engaged Pryde Consulting in 2010 and we are fully satisfied with the level of professional service that has been provided. Since Amperion is a growing business we needed a financial service provider that could adapt to our changes and allow flexibility in our infrastructure and expenses. Pryde Consulting provided exactly that. They are very responsive and have a wealth of experience that helps me with day to day business operations and with more complex financial procedures. Pryde Consulting is an excellent choice for any small to medium sized company that wishes to have the full benefits of experienced and trustworthy CFO services conveniently outsourced. I would highly recommend Pryde Consulting to any startup CEO and small business owner.”

-Nachum Sadan, President & CEO, Amperion Inc. Amperion


“I had the great fortune to work with Ken Pryde as my CFO and “wingman” at Converged Access Inc.  Ken was a superb hands-on CFO on top of the transaction details and process requirements of a small communications startup with sales in multiple countries, multiple product programs, and many business issues due to the tough economic times and history of the company which pre-dated both of us.  Ken hired very competent people and effectively managed a small team with lots of duties.  In addition to managing the finance function, IT, and general administrative functions, Ken was a valued and respected member of the senior management team in dealing with business strategy, organizational, and fund-raising issues.”

-Per Suneby, former President & CEO, Converged Access

“Ken inherited a very challenging financial situation. He focused on strengthening the financial business process which brought smooth communication through all departments and let the company flow in union. He produced financial information that enabled the management team to make better decisions. He was able to thoroughly communicate his analyses across multiple departments.”

-Doug Antaya, VP Marketing, Converged Access

“After the devastating effects of 9/11 on its market opportunity, Sitara was in need of a financial restructuring. Ken Pryde and his team were able to both clean and release our finances making it possible for our company to function healthily. Ken brought a wealth of experience that turned Sitara from a company that was struggling financially to a strong and flourishing organization.“

-Malik Khan, CEO, Sitara

“Ken is an outstanding finance professional.  He not only has mastered the domain of finance and accounting, but he also has strengths in people management and worldwide business relations.  Ken demonstrated his international diplomacy skills when he traveled to Asia to handle a receivables dispute that was obstructing our global sales process.  When the trip was over Ken had addressed and resolved all issues and installed the appropriate controls to ensure the sales process remained functional.  No small feat!”

-John Caffery, VP Human Resources, Sitara                  

“I had the opportunity to work with Ken at Motorola as he performed the harmonization of the Pan European financial support system. The results were phenomenal with a 46% reduction in finance heads and a 2.5 million dollar cost saving across Europe”

-Graham Pattison, General Manager, Motorola