Pryde Consulting Signs Amperion

Pryde Consulting Signs Amperion

AmperionWe are delighted to announce that Pryde Consulting has been selected by Amperion to provide outsourced financial services for their firm. As a contractor, Pryde Consulting will provide fully outsourced Chief Financial Officer services ranging from accounting management to strategic financial process implementation and more.

Amperion is a technology leader selling innovative broadband powerline communications products to electric utilities. Amperion is an established supplier and technical innovator in B-PLC (Broadband Power Line Carrier) technology with over 100 patents granted and pending in its 10 year history. Unique to Amperion is its ability to provide communications over distribution and transmission lines, scaling from 110V low voltage distribution all the way up to 138KV high voltage transmission lines.

As a growing company in the Smart Grid industry, Amperion can benefit from Pryde Consulting’s tailored service. Through its members, Pryde Consulting has over 30 years of emerging growth financial support experience. We understand that every company is unique and needs a financial services provider that can evolve its service as the company grows.

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